Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Fond Farewell

Along with the Highlands and Islands there is another type of whisky from Scotland, Lowland whisky.  It's a mellower take on whisky.  Case in point here is Rosebank, a distillery that ceased production in 1993 during hard times for producers.  It never reopened and the site was eventually turned into a shopping area.  Pity. 

Rosebank is/was elegant.  It smelled like flowers and spring and thanks to its triple distillation was smooth and gentle.  It was refined and flat out delicious.

What you see in the picture is the last of the bottle that I bought five years ago. Later tonight the bottle will be empty.  I don't normally get nostalgic about finishing a bottle of whisky, but this one is  a little different.  Not only was it delicious but it was also the last bottle that I shared with my father before his death four years ago. Details are unimportant here, just that there will be a smile and a toast tonight.

Internet searches tell me that if I want another bottle of Rosebank I should be prepared to pay $500 or much more.  This one was $80  but as time goes bye there is less and less of this product.  There won't be another at those prices, barring a lottery win.  I'm afraid my Scottish ancestors would haunt me for lack of frugality and common sense if I paid that amount.

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