Saturday, January 30, 2016

Domestic Bliss?

Truly it was anything but bliss this morning when the dog and I set out for our walk.  Our drive to the starting point is only about seven minutes, but it was seven I won't forget.

I pulled to a stop at a traffic light at a busy intersection and was waiting for the light to change.  A couple (early 60's?) was standing on the corner and the woman was trying to insert a sign into the ground advertising a rummage sale at her home.  Her male partner was standing next to her after having apparently punched the holes into the ground for the sign.

Attached to the sign were two Mylar balloons filled with helium so that they would bounce in the wind and catch the attention of passersby.  Unfortunately the woman had a cigarette dangling from her lips and it was quite breezy.   One of the balloons (the purple one) came in contact with her cigarette and exploded in her face.  She jumped and began dancing around flapping her arms. 

I laughed, safe in my car, but her companion also laughed, and he laughed a lot more than I did until she smacked him with the sign that she was still holding.  The traffic light changed, I honked the horn and waved at them, and the canine and I  drove off for our walk. 

I don't think I will be attending the sale.

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