Sunday, January 15, 2017

Licking Rocks

The weather here has been bipolar for several weeks.  It seems to be going in alternating cycles of seasonal to unseasonal, going from temperatures with highs as low as single digits to highs as high as in the mid-60's all within a few days and then repeating that cycle. Sunny, happy days have been followed by ice and snow and gray skies. 

During one of the warm days there was a great summer style white wine to accompany some swordfish, a 2015 Domaine Labbe Abymes from the Savoie region of France.  The wine is made from the Jacquere grape.  It was crisp and clean and very linear.  There were hints of both lime and pine but the overall sensation and flavor was licking stones.  After some exposure to the air some fruitiness did poke through, but that wasn't what was appealing about this wine.  It was fresh and refreshing and a perfect match for the rich fish. The finish on the wine was not deep, but the length of the freshness in that aspect was impressive.

At $13 it was is amazing bargain.

2015 Domaine Labbe Abymes.  11% alcohol and $13

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