Friday, February 1, 2008


While they are litter mates there are certainly differences between Scott (left) and Ellie other than the obvious anatomical ones.

One difference involves their dog crates. When no one is home the dogs stay in their crates. They were raised to appreciate the privacy it gives them. They eat in their crates and when we travel it's much easier to take the crates. It's a little bit of home on the road.

When I'm leaving the house and it's time to go to the crates all one needs to do is rattle the jar that has the dog cookies in it and they head straight for the crate room.

Ellie is definitely the easy one. She races into her crate, immediately turns around and stands there wagging her tail waiting for her cookie.

Scott is entirely different. He stands in front of his crate and either looks at me or stares into his crate. It's not that he doesn't intend to go in the crate or is unhappy about it. With Scott the cookie has to go in the crate first. He would stand there all day and wait, but if the cookie isn't already in the crate there's no way he will go in himself.

It makes little difference if I toss the cookie to the crate floor or simply hold the cookie in my hand and stick that hand inside the crate. All he wants is to make certain that his cookie is inside that boundary. Once it breaks the plane of the crate door the dog bounces happily inside and eats his cookie.

So CGIF has nothing to with "Thank God It's Friday." It simply means "Cookie Goes In First." That's my boy!

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