Thursday, February 14, 2008


With the possible exception of a rose' champagne is there anything more worthy of Valentine's Day than a Burgundy?

This 2005 wine was just perfect for a quick skillet Beef Stroganoff served over some egg noodles.

Medium body with strawberries and cherries up front, good acidity, and some wonderful earthiness and some herbs in the middle, then finishing with some some tannin and a return of the fruit. The whole package just went together perfectly. Given another year of aging and this wine will make me happy there are three more $14 bottles waiting.

I purchased a mixed case of mid to high level 2005 red Burgundies to put away and then purchased a mixed case of some entry level wines to tease me until the big guys are ready. This was the first one to be opened.

The best part of the evening may have been the third glass that was drunk with a warm crusty roll used to mop up the sauce from the stroganoff. A very pleasant way to end a day.

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