Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The weather he has turned into a brief spring pattern. It definitely won't last, but overnight the temperature stayed in the low 60 degree range. It's also rainy.

Some rain didn't stop me from firing up the grill last night. The local fishmonger came up with a great special on some Island Creek oysters so they were popped onto the grill just until the shells opened. They were silky and smooth and tasted like the ocean. There was a little Spanish white wine left so the oysters were washed down with that. There has been an abundance of oysters from good suppliers in this area lately, and that is something that I don't normally see with Ohio being 600 miles from the nearest ocean. Whatever the reason I'm thankful.

While the oysters were being enjoyed we threw a split chicken rubbed with some Italian spices on the grill.

A couple of months ago I had an opportunity to taste a range of Barolos from Enzo Boglietti. They were very good wines, and though a little pricey I purchased a few of them. In the past month or so some other Boglietti wines have hit the local market so I purchased one bottle each of Dolcetto D'Alba, Barbera D'Alba and a Nebbiolo Langhe.

When the chicken came off the grill we opened the Dolcetto. Deep purple with lots of black fruits in the nose. That's exactly what carried through to the taste along with a healthy dose of acid. Long, almost sweet finish, and true to Dolcetto almost no noticeable tannin. At $16 a bottle this is a very nice, food friendly wine. It's on the list for adding a few more bottles while it's still in the marketplace.

Scott and Ellie were happy as there were plenty of chicken scraps for a quick treat last night and to mix in with their dog kibble this morning. Happily wagging tails.


Anonymous said...

Good wine.

Edward said...


How coincidental. I think I was looking at this same wine (perhaps a different vintage) only a few days ago. I think it was close to the $A50 mark though.

Dan McGrew said...


Not sure what the exchange rate is, but at $A50 I'm certain that is much more expensive than what I paid. Definitely wouldn't buy the wine at that price.