Monday, May 12, 2008

One More

We drank a Mazzocco Matrix on Friday night, and on Saturday, after a busy day with the dogs we opted for the 2004 Stone Ranch, Alexander Valley Zinfandel from the same producer.

The 1999 Matrix was somewhat refined and balanced and went great with a meal. The Zinfandel was it's polar opposite. There was nothing refined at all about this wine. It had a huge, jammy, fruity nose with tons of blackberries on the taste. The wine was on the sweet side and was a little low in acid. There was considerable tannin and an alcoholic finish. It was a good wine, but it wasn't made to be a dinner wine. This is a sipper wine and not a drinking wine. For what it is trying to be it does a very good job, but a 16.9% table wine means that I may not be awake for dessert.

Good stuff, but not my cup of tea.

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