Monday, May 26, 2008

Wineries & Leftovers

It was an almost perfect ending for a three day weekend, which could have only been surpassed by someone declaring it a four day weekend.

Today (Monday) was the day we ventured down to Ripley OH on the Ohio River to pick up the 2007 white wines from Kinkead Ridge. As I have mentioned before this is an Ohio winery making some outstanding wines, and this weekend was the release of their 2007 white varietals.

There was a terrible Easter frost in April 2007 and it basically decimated the white grapes in this area, along with apples and other tree fruits. As a result there was significantly less wine available this year so a trip to the winery was necessary to assure getting some of them. How little was available? The 2007 Riesling came in at 38 cases. They took all the other white varietals this year and blended them into a white wine they call Revelation. Mostly Roussanne, it also included some chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, semillon and pinot blanc. There were 48 cases of this wine.

The Riesling was tart and drier than last year's version. Very floral on the nose it also gave hints of peaches and just a touch of citrus. That all carried through on the taste and then finished with a limey minerality that was very refreshing. The wine had 1.2% residual sugar. I loved last year's vintage, and I very much like this year's.

The Revelation was very interesting. There was definitely some kiwi fruit along with some peaches and pears, and to me a hint of yellow plums. Wonderful acidity, a full body and a very lengthy finish made for a good effort from a terrible year.

They were also pouring their 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon and this was the first I had tasted since it was released last September. It has changed, evolved and come together in those months.

I brought home a mixed case of six Rieslings (the limit), four Revelations and added two Cabernet Sauvignons to fill out the case. The Cabs joined their four siblings in the cellar to make an even half dozen.

Later in the day I popped one of the Revelations in the refrigerator and began supper.

There was a leftover lobster from Saturday so the meat was removed and the shells steeped in some water and then reduced to a quick stock. I chopped a leek and sauteed it in olive oil and butter, and opened a Revelation and added half a cup of that. Once the wine reduced we added the lobster meat, a chopped tomato, a pinch of saffron, just enough red pepper flakes to give it some pizazz, a little lemon juice and some heavy cream. When the cream reduced and the lobster pieces warmed it was served over fresh tagliatelle with some parsley and basil tossed over the top.

It was tremendous with the Revelation and there were a few crusty rolls for mopping up the sauce. The wine was almost a perfect compliment to the pasta, and may have even been better with a chunk of bread soaked with the remaining sauce. Life is good.

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