Saturday, June 14, 2008

2005 Bordeaux

I was running low on every day wine so I made a trip this morning to one of my favorite places for some bargains. They should have warned me that a container of 2005 Bordeaux wines had arrived. Above are the two that I adopted along with the inexpensive wines I went to purchase. Buying in a case lot meant a 10% discount and that was all the false justification I needed to add these two wines to the mixed case

There was a good selection and they are planning a major tasting once the wines settle in from their trip. These were two that had their strongest recommendation. The Chateau De Sales from Pomerol is a wine I am familiar with from previous vintages and has always been consistently good. The Chateau Ferran from Pessac Leognan is a recently restored property that has been getting some great reviews. My taste in Bordeaux seems to run to wines from the Graves and Pessac Leognan area so this one was easy.

I'll be adding a few more moderately priced 2005 Bordeaux, but the prices on the major wines are too high to purchase in any quantity.

And speaking of high prices, the "house" white wine for some time has been the Marques de Caceres at the bargain price of $7 a bottle. The new price is $12 a bottle so the search will be on for a replacement as soon as the current supply is gone.

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