Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Sadly, Father's Day doesn't mean quite as much now, but I was invited to a cookout today to help some others celebrate the day with hamburgers and bratwurst. With the weather being cloudless, sunny and in the low 80 degree range it seemed to call for a rose'.

The 2007 Artazuri is from the Navarra region of Spain and is 100% Garnacha. I've had a previous bottle and it is full of strawberries and acidity and very little residual sugar. Since it was a pink wine and we hadn't run a picture of a flamingo on the site in some time it seemed like the perfect occasion to take the above photo. Rose's should be about fun.

Later tonight there will be a wee dram of single malt Scottish whisky to end the evening.

For the last twenty or so years that he was alive a bottle of single malt was my gift to my father on Father's Day. It fulfilled several requirements; it was easy to buy, it was very much appreciated, and I always got to spend some time helping him drink it over the course of the following month or two.

About 15 years ago his youngest brother was in town when I arrived with the bottle and he helped us put a dent in it over the course of an evening. When he left to return to northern Ohio he handed me his kids' phone numbers. "Call and explain things to them," he said. "All I ever get from them is socks or ties or things I don't want or need." Ever since then at least one of them has bought him a bottle of single malt for Father's Day. I'll call him tonight while I'm sipping a Lagavulin and we will no doubt exchange a story or two.

A Late Addition
There was a very good 2005 Schug Cellars Chardonnay at today's event but the day was stolen by a 2004 Silverado Solo. This is a varietal Cabernet from a single vineyard in the Stag's Leap area of Napa Valley. Balanced, dark, and full it continued to open an evolve over the afternoon. A very, very good wine that actually showed some restraint.


LucyinStLou said...

I just picked up a bottle of this wine on Friday. It's in the wine fridge chilling, but I'm sure we'll try it very soon.

By the way, since I've lost my father, I feel the same way about Father's Day. It can be difficult. I'm sure that your father appreciated such thoughtful gifts through the years. This year, we picked up a bottle of small batch bourbon for my father-in-law and he was thrilled. Truly, a fine liquor is a perfect gift.

Dan McGrew said...

A fine liquor is indeed a fine gift.

There's a good selection of small batch bourbons behind the bar nestled to the side of the single malts. I love Maker's Mark for its consistency, but also love Knob Creek and George T Stagg.