Friday, November 21, 2008

A Passing

There is much sadness here in the house as one of the namesakes of this site, Miss Ellie died late Monday morning. The death was very unexpected, and the only fortunate part is that the illness, while fatal, was very, very brief.

She was the primary kitchen assistant, the sous-chef. If someone was in the kitchen cooking, Ellie was there as well to supervise, taste, and offer encouragement. She was conniving, manipulative, and as happy as a soul could be. Her five and a half years were mostly filled with joy. She died knowing that she was loved and cared for, and sometimes I think that is all any of us should ask for.

The name of the site will remain the same even though she's gone, but in commenting on finished meals you might at times see the comment, "Ellie would have approved." It's not really much of a compliment because she loved just about anything food related, but it will always be a happy compliment on a good meal.

Sleep easy, little girl.

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