Thursday, November 27, 2008


We survived Thanksgiving this year, and it really wasn't too bad, but after an afternoon and early evening of eating and drinking a nap is in order.

The day started early as Scott and I managed an hour and a half at a wildlife area. It's one of the few places where he can be off lead and run to his heart's content and he did just that. It tired both of us, but it was a good type of tired.

Early afternoon was a Thanksgiving lunch with the wine drinking friends. The food was good and the wine was wonderful. We drank a 2001 Castello Banfi Brunello di Montalcino. Deep red and fully extracted in color it smelled of earth and cherries. The taste was dark, ripe cherries with good acid and tannins on the edges. The wine was full bodied but the Sangiovese acidity was there to cleanse the palate between small bites of turkey. The finish was wonderfully long and refreshing ending with a small burst of fruit and some herbs. A very nice wine.

In late afternoon we ventured to my niece's house for a family Thanksgiving. She was replacing my sister as host this year after way too many year's of suffering through bizarre turkey experiments with my sister. Those experiments remain the stuff of legends.

The food was good but there was no wine, only a non alcoholic beer. There were also plenty of left overs and Scott totally enjoyed his dinner as it included turkey and home made stuffing. He's napping now and after a glass of port I will be joining him.

The picture above is not Scott. It his mother Stevie and was taken when she lived with us. Stevie was a great one for naps on the bed and was a very sweet girl. She now lives in northern Ohio and manages a house full of three English Springer Spaniels.

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