Monday, March 2, 2009


Once in awhile a trip through the produce section of the market ends with something new. That was the case yesterday when I came home with a head of Romanesco. Unusual in appearance and color it almost jumped into the cart. I believe this was the first chartreuse vegetable I've eaten.

Internet research told me that it was one of several things. First, it was a cross between broccoli and cauliflower. Second it was not a cross between them, rather it was an ancestor of those two. Another source said it was simply in the same family.

There were surprisingly few recipes to be found so in the evening I simply cut it into florets and steamed them, tasting them every few minutes to determine when they were done. It took about ten minutes, less than broccoli and more than cauliflower. I gave it a slight drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of salt. It reminded me somewhat of broccoli and somewhat of cauliflower, though it wasn't nearly as pungent as steamed cauliflower can be. To be honest, I think preferred it to either of it's relatives. There is enough left to experiment with over the next few days so there's some fun coming.

There was also a marinated and grilled veal chop and some oven roasted potatoes to go with the veggie. We opened a 2006 River Village Cellars Cabernet Franc and had thoroughly enjoyable evening. The wine was of medium weight, fruity, inexpensive and a good match for everything.

At the end of the meal Scott decided that he liked the Romanesco and he eagerly ate two florets. Looks like it will stay on the menu.

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