Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Staglin - Day Two

After being a little disappointed with the Staglin Cabernet Sauvignon on Sunday (see below) I decided to finish off the bottle last night.

When I left it on Sunday the fruit was fading and the tannin was taking over, this being after an hour and half. I put a vacuum stopper in the wine and returned it to the cellar. Last night was a small bowl of left over braised beef that was served over some egg noodles. Not wanting to open another bottle I pulled out the Staglin and poured a glass.

The fruit had reappeared and the tannins had finally subsided to the point that it was highly enjoyable. Very interesting because I thought the wine was gone. Obviously, the perfect time for this wine was somewhere between the vacuum sealing on Sunday and the time I finally drank the remains last night.

Note to self - hold on to the second bottle but decant it for a couple hours before drinking.

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