Saturday, March 28, 2009


There was an automatic download of security software Friday morning but it had an unintended side effect. After rebooting it basically killed the computer. Two geeks and a day and a half later we are operating under a patched up system that allows us to do most things, but one of the things it won't do is open the wine software. Instead of scanning a computer list and picking a wine I actually had to physically start pulling bottles to find a correct wine. Terrible how I've come to rely on a stream of electrons to help with this task.

The local market featured two things this weekend, grass fed, strip steaks from Colorado and rack of baby lamb from Iceland. Both were outstanding bargains so it made easy choices for the weekend; steak tonight and lamb tomorrow. There are more of each for the freezer. I don't usually freeze meat, preferring to buy it as I need it, but the price was too good not to buy in quantity.

As an homage to spring we added a baked potato with sour cream and the first harvest of chives from the garden snipped over the top. Nothing says 'spring' like the first shoots of chives and a baked potato. It's just a harbinger of the things to come with fresh herbs. The mint is above ground, both the regular and lemon thyme are sending up shoots and the tarragon must have loved the winter because it appears to be on its way to a bountiful spring. The lavender is also looking very good. The rosemary plant wintered over well inside and is now re-potted and outside. In another month the basil plants will be at the local garden store. There is a new, huge pot waiting for them.

Tonight's wine turned out to be a 2005 Luciano Sandrone Dolcetto D'Alba. Inky dark, tannic, and fruity it was a great match with the grilled strip steak.

The photo? The local market also had a great special on two varieties on mangoes, Haden and Ataulfo. The Hadens are the rounder of the two. The light was good this evening and they made a good picture.

Still working on tomorrows lamb dinner.

Thanks to those of you who have e-mailed on our brief moment of fame in the Wall Street Journal. And yes, I know it's near the end of the article but I prefer to look at it as saving the best for almost last. After all the wine I've consumed in my life it's very funny that the brief moment of fame involved a Lambrusco.

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