Wednesday, December 30, 2009

George de Latour Reserve 1997

The final wine at the Christmas dinner was a Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve from the heralded 1997 vintage in Napa.

Big wine that out of the bottle almost reminded me of an Australian Shiraz.  With a little breathing time the blackberry and dark cherry fruit began to emerge.  Full bodied wine with a big mouth feel to it, good gripping tannins, but a touch low in acid.    After half an hour the earthy component to the wine began to emerge and it became a a much better wine.

The fruit was there, and it was fully ripe.  Underneath the fruit was that earthiness and the tannin from the oak, and the tannin seem to go on forever with this wine.  No doubt the wine needed more time to breathe. This was a very good wine, but not my favorite George de Latour.

All three wines wines with the dinner were good and would have been wonderful on their own, but three bottles always means there will be comparison.  For this dinner the Mazzocco came out on top, followed by the Caymus and the Beaulieu.

Now it's on to New Year's weekend and there are some corks pleading to come out of some bottles.

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