Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sandrone Dolcetto 2005

This morning was 55 degrees and sunny, and by this evening it was cloudy, windy and 20 degrees. Wind gusts were up to 50 miles per hour. Winter is definitely here.

So that made it a red wine night and the wine of choice was a Luciano Sandrone Dolcetto D'Alba from the 2005 vintage. Deep, and dark in color the nose was plums and berries and fruit, with just a hint of vanilla and earth. The plums and berries were there in the taste and the body was big, soft and sweet. There were some nice tannins on the side of the tongue, good acid and a long finish. This wine had a more substance than most Dolcettos. It's hard to ask more from a Dolcetto.

Dinner was a one pot meal of riso pasta cooked like risotto, meaning all the rich starch stayed in the final dish. There was a pinch of saffron and some shallots in the mix. Near the end there was some diced chicken breast added and at the very last minute a large handful of chopped fresh spinach. The dish was finished with some grated cheese.

Throw in a small salad and a crusty roll and some good wine to wash everything down and it made for a good start to the evening. There were supposed to be guests coming in from South Carolina but road conditions and weather delayed them by four hours. The left overs will heat up nicely. They may even get a glass of wine if there is any left.

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