Saturday, December 26, 2009

Perfectly Said

Two of the professional wine critics whose opinion I value the most are John Brecher and Dorothy Gaiter who write the Tastings column for the Wall Street Journal.

In their latest and sadly their last column (which you can read by clicking here) they review the best wines they tasted this year.  Preceding that list is a discussion on what makes a wine great, and it contained the following....

By allowing other people to ridicule any wine you like or criticize the way you enjoy it, or by allowing others to decide for you what is and is not a fine wine, you are genuinely missing the point of wine, which is this: Your enjoyment of any wine is an extension of yourself, your emotions, your experiences and your circumstances when you drink it. A truly fine wine is like a truly fine poem: It's not just about what the poet thought or felt when he or she wrote it, but what you thought or felt when you read it. Different people will experience the same exact wine differently, and vive la différence.
Wonderful point of view!

I wish them all the best now that their column is ending. This is like losing old and valued freinds.

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