Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fontodi Chianti Classico 2006

Things were much better today so the regular routine resumed.  There was a two course meal tonight.  To start there was a small piece of halibut and one remaining glass of a nondescript Riesling.

The main course was a small sirloin tip, pan seared and roasted to medium rare.  That was accompanied by a small polenta cake seared in a cast iron skillet and topped with fresh pesto.

Since we were back to drinking wine there was no excuse to not open something that promised to be very good.  The wine of choice was a 2006 Fontodi Chianti Classico.  I purchased three bottles of this wine last spring and decided it was time to open one.

Dark color in the glass and a refined nose of both tart red and black cherries, a little smoke, some dusty earth and a spice or two.  Swirling the glass intensified each of those aromas.  The taste was overwhelmingly cherry and earth and full bodied.  Nice legs in the glass.  The mouth feel on this wine was elegant and luscious, more like a Burgundy than typical Chianti.  Great fruit and oak tannins and a wonderful blast of acid added to the complexity.  The finish was long and sweet but the very end was dry.  It is hard to image that a Chianti Classico can get any better than this.  It's the equal to many 'riservas.'

The very best thing about this wine is that there are two more bottles in the cellar.  At the same time I purchased this wine I purchased three bottles of the Fontodi 2004 Riserva Chianti Classico.  If the regular bottling is this good the Riserva with two more years age on it should be amazing.  Soon, very soon.

The photo was outside and that is the first blooming jonquil of the spring in front of the bottle.

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