Monday, April 26, 2010

Riesling in the Rain

It rained for almost the entire day yesterday, nothing heavy or severe, just a constant drizzle that made sitting in the recliner and watching out the window a perfect past time for the day.

In mid afternoon we pulled the cork from a Kinkead Ridge 2006 Riesling.  We drank a bottle of the current vintage (2008) a few weeks ago and decided it was time to try an older one.  The nose was still kerosene and lime zest.  The color had darkened just a bit but it still was bright and clear.  After a few swirls in the large glass the aromas switched positions with the lime zest being a little stronger than the kerosene.

Nice tart taste from the wonderful acidity.  I could pick up the lime in the taste but it was mostly a white peach and yellow apple taste.  Very appealing.  Medium weight and being just off dry gave the wine a wonderful mouth feel.  I loved this wine when it was fresh and new, and I like it just as well now.  It was easy to sip with some crackers and an appetizer of chicken and lemon grass.

Dinner was pan seared halibut which got a spicy dusting of chipotle powder before hitting the skillet.  There was also brown rice cooked with a knob of fresh ginger in the liquid and some slow roasted asparagus with shiitake mushrooms.  The rest of the Riesling was a perfect match with both the fish and the brown rice. The acid stood up to the richness of the fish and the hint of sweetness in the wine was very good with the heat from the chipotle and the ginger.  Good stuff.

There are still three bottles left of the 2006 Riesling and a half case each from both the 2007 and 2008 vintages.  There will be no 2009 Riesling due to weather conditions last year.  Hopefully this wine was a good indication that I should be in no rush to open any of them.  They can be parceled out to get through the missing vintage, and I'll hope for resupply in about 13 months when the 2010 vintage is ready.

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