Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seghesio Dolcetto D'Alba 2005

The market was well stocked with fresh Blue Oyster mushrooms and fresh picked Shiitakes that were grown locally.  Locally, in this case, means about ten blocks away by my second cousin.  The local restaurants are using them and they were finally available in the market.  They were sliced and sauteed in butter and olive oil with some shallots.  I added a few re-hydrated porcinis and some of the strained soaking liquid along with a little white wine.  Some fresh tarragon went in at the last minute along with some fresh fettuccine.  Add a grating of some hard, Italian cheeses and it was a great meal.

The wine was out of the bargain bin at a local store.  The wine was a Seghesio Dolcetto D'Alba from the 2005 vintage.  Most of the Dolcettos in the market at the moment are the 2008 vintage so this one was marked down to half price.  The lone bottle in the bin found its way home with me for $9.

Dark in the glass, it had a typical Dolcetto nose of dark stone fruit, plums and cherries.  The earth came through in both the nose and taste.  The taste was full bodied, soft and round, and full of fruit.  Young Dolcettos have a fresh edge to them and that was missing here.  There was a long, sweet finish to the wine.  It was probably at its best a year or two ago, but it was still highly delicious and enjoyable.  Nice play off between the earth in the wine and the earthiness of the mushrooms.

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