Saturday, August 7, 2010

August Berries and Veraison

August's local blackberries are in the market and they are tremendous this year.  A few pureed berries, a little sugar in the syrup and some fresh berries all poured over a slice of pound cake make a great dessert.

So far the berries are the only thing to recommend this month.  After a record hot June and a record hot July, August promises to be --- hotter.  Today and tomorrow are the only predicted days below 90 degrees for the next week and mid-week promises to be 100 or more.  Time for cheap white wine that can take a thorough chill.

Two of the local wineries (Kinkead Ridge and La Vigna) have posted photos on their websites and/or on Facebook of their Cabernet Sauvignon grapes moving into the ripening stage, a process known as veraison.  The hot weather has been kind to the grapes if not to the people, and both wineries expect an earlier harvest this year.  After last year's abysmal harvest in Ohio that is welcome news.

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