Thursday, August 19, 2010

Warming Up

A few Nantucket scallops, some fresh spinach, a few crusty rolls and a very good bottle of wine.  That made for a very nice evening on Wednesday. 

The scallops were seared in butter and olive oil in a well seasoned, hot, cast iron pan.  At the end we squeezed in some lemon juice, added some lemon zest, some parsley and one snipped chive.  The spinach was washed and lightly dried then tossed in a hot skillet and seared in about a teaspoon of bacon drippings. The spinach got just a wee bit of finely chopped fresh tarragon at the end.  Heaven.

The wine was the 2009 Viognier Roussanne from Kinkead Ridge.  Ripe, fresh, clean and a little restrained the wine was a perfect match.  Great acid and Viognier flavors matched well with the scallops while the earthiness of the Roussanne matched up with the spinach and the tarragon. 

I decided it was time to taste some Kinkead wines from the cellar as they are set to release their 2008 red wines in just over two weeks.  We'll need some space for what promises to be an outstanding vintage and that's a great excuse for tasting what the winery has done in the past.  There are several reds set to taste over the next week or so. 

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