Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Rose' After the Storm

After a terribly hot week that never saw the temperature dip below 75 degrees at night and always break 90 degrees during the day a cold front finally came through this evening about the time I was lighting the charcoal grill.  We delayed dinner for an hour until the rain stopped, and we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset and the promise of a somewhat cooler week ahead.

After a week of fish, chicken and near vegetarian meals it was time for a steak and we opted for a large, rib steak.  Since the weather was still warm we went with a rose' instead of a red wine.

The wine was a 2009 Ramian rose' from Napa Valley.  The mix was 95% Syrah from Napa Valley and 5% Grenache from El Dorado County in California.  Beautiful, rich,  dark pink color and a nose of sweet fruit with ultra ripe red plums and strawberries foremost.  The taste was true Syrah and there was great acid to go with the fruit.  There was a mildly sweet taste, but a sweet taste due to good fruit and not residual sugar.  A pretty wine to look at in the glass and an even better wine to drink.  The alcohol was a little high at 14.1% so a little less was consumed.  Good effort for a California rose.  More "stuffing" than a European rose', but with the steak it was a great match.  $14 and a production of 145 cases.

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