Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Start of a Risotto

Like flipping a light switch from on to off, summer is not only over on the calendar it's also over in weather patterns.  Last week there were records set for high temperatures, into the upper 90 degree range.  The front came through as a gift from Canada early Saturday morning and today the high temperature is to be only 66 degrees. 

The fall squashes are in the market now and we brought home a good looking buttercup variety.  The rainbow chard has been cleaned and the squash is currently roasting.  Later this evening there will be a risotto using the squash and the stems and leaves from the chard.    There will be chicken roasted on the grill with a rub of butter, sage and porcini mushroom powder, and there will be an Italian red wine from Tuscany or Piedmont.  Decisions, decisions....

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