Thursday, November 4, 2010

2005 Kinkead Ridge Petit Verdot

One thing about braising a bunch of beef, short ribs is that there is generally left overs and they are generally better than when first cooked.  That was certainly the case with the batch that braised last weekend.  We finished them off last night, gently reheated and severed over  some polenta with fresh sage.  Near heaven.

I was tempted to open a 2008 Kinkead Ridge Petit Verdot, but opted instead for the 2005 vintage.  No question that this wine is evolving in the bottle.  There's nothing harsh, brash or young about this wine now.  The oak and tannins have integrated into the fruit making it a different wine than before. 

The nose is still full of ripe blueberries and other dark fruits.  It picked up a tiny touch of vanilla and just a dash of cinnamon during its time in the bottle.  Wonderfully big taste of that fruit up front with just enough acid to refresh.  The tannins have softened remarkably and now provide just a backdrop for the waves of fruit. There's a soft finish to this wine, but there is good length to that finish.  

I liked this wine when it was younger, brasher and full of itself.  I like it just as much now when it has matured into something different that shows a touch of elegance and composure.  Different wines for sure, but delicious then and now.

The photo is Petit Verdot grapes in the vineyard at Kinkead Ridge.

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