Monday, November 15, 2010

Sean Minor Sauvignon Blanc

Beautiful day here on Sunday, cold but bright and sunny.  As November progresses that will end as soon as Tuesday when cold, drizzly rain is expected. 

A bright, sunny day called for a wine of that ilk, and the 2009 Sean Minor, Four Bears, Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc filled the bill.  Clear and bright in the glass the nose was grapefruit, a sweet apple, and a few scattered herbs.  The taste was sharp, tart, citrusy, lively and full of the grapefruit and apple.  Medium body and a wonderful mouth feel.   The wine finished crisp and just as it started to fade there was a tropical aspect to the flavor of this wine.  It wasn't strong, but it was distinct.

Dinner was a thick fillet of red grouper, pan seared and oven roasted to medium, then finished with a pan sauce of reduced wine, butter, and dill.  Carrots cooked in butter with tarragon were on the side.  Great match with the wine as the acid cut through the richness of the grouper and the dill on the fish and tarragon on the carrots played along with this wine.

Not a spectacular wine, just a good, honest, delicious, affordable wine to go with a meal.  It didn't cry out to be taken too seriously or to be given too much thought.  Nice effort.  At $12 and 13.5% alcohol it would be hard to do better.

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