Monday, November 22, 2010

Rheinhessen and Vietnam

Good wine and good food yesterday evening. The wine was a 2009 Geil Scheurebe Bechtheiner Heiligkreuz Kabinett, a single variety wine from the Rheinhessen region of Germany.  This was the first 2009 Scheurebe I had seen in the market so it was pleading to be sampled while it was still available for repurchase.  The nose gave an immediate aroma of kerosene followed by lime, tart green grapes, a few fragrant flowers and a huge dose of very ripe lychee. The lychee was very prominent in the taste.  Great acid, just a touch of sweetness and a full body made for an appealing package.  There was just a touch of sweetness but in the end the acid prevailed.  Really nice wine, fuller body than a Riesling, a different flavor profile, and a little more body.

Dinner was Shaking Beef, a San Francisco take on Vietnamese food courtesy of the Slanted Door restaurant. Beef tenderloin was cubed, then marinated in garlic, salt, pepper, sugar and oil for a few hours.  The beef was seared in a hot skillet with sliced red onions, spring onions. A sauce of rice vinegar, rice wine, sugar, soy sauce and fish sauce was added at the end of the cooking, along with a smidgen of butter.  It was plated over a mound of watercress and served with a dipping sauce of lime juice, salt and pepper.  A side of steamed Basmati rice was all it took to make the meal complete.  The richness in the beef and the bitterness of the watercress truly played well with the wine.  Using the lime based dipping sauce just added another dimension to the pairing.  It's a match that will be repeated.

$15 and 11% alcohol.

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