Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leitz Out 2009

A few more 2009 German Rieslings made their appearance in the local market.  An even larger number showed up in my "in-box" via offers from New York, Washington DC and others.  Every one I've tasted from this vintage has been good and latest is Leitz Out from the Jos. Leitz in the Rheingau.

There was just a hint of sulfur or flint when twisting off the cap.  Next up was some citrus, a tiny bit of pineapple and a fresh mint leaf just plucked from the plant in the spring.  The taste was sweet apple, mixed with the pineapple and mint. Light and refreshing and totally alive with acid, the medium body just lit up the mouth.  That sweet apple taste hung around in the mouth before turning to citrus at the very end which was quite dry and pleasant. 

There was a small piece of salmon that was pan seared after being coated with Chinese five spice powder, salt, and pepper.  Once the fish was done the pan was de-glazed with splash of white wine, a little rice wine, a shake or two of fish sauce and a drop of toasted sesame oil and a squeeze of lemon.  A bite of salmon, a sip of wine and the winter blues flew out the door. 

While this may be  an entry level wine it must be said that if every entry level wine was this good the world would be a much better place.   $13 and 10% alcohol. 

Really good stuff.

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