Friday, May 27, 2011

Dolcetto D'Alba

The skies have finally cleared and today was only the fifth day this month that it hasn't rained here, including the small tornado that passed overhead a couple of days ago.  When the warning sirens went off we grabbed a bottle of White Horse Scottish whisky, a glass, and several rawhide chew sticks.  We took the dogs to the interior bathroom away from any room with a window and waited out the few minutes while the storm passed. 

For the year we have already surpassed our average, annual rainfall.  Thank heaven for a good roof and a wine cellar.

Dinner tonight was an embarrassingly large porterhouse steak done simply on the grill and finished with just a touch of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.   Rather than Tuscany we opted for Piemonte and pulled the cork on a 2009 Montaribaldi Dolcetto D'Alba Vagnona.  Deep, dark color in the glass, the wine just reeked of fruit and earth.  Full flavored with ripe, dark cherries and plums, the wine was a little weak in acid, but there was a great, earthy tannin that more than made up for that.  Good depth to the flavor and a good length to the finish.  A sip of wine, then a bite of steak with the lemon juice and it was repeat and repeat.  Just a nice match. 

14% alcohol and $14.

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