Friday, May 13, 2011

Giggles and Wiggles

Definitely a summer day here yesterday with temperatures being a very unseasonable 90 degrees. It was time to drink in summer mode so we combined two of my favorite wine types, rose' and sparkling.

The wine is new to the local market and is a Weingut Huber Hugo Rose' Sparkling (as opposed to a sparking rose') from Austria. It is 100% pinot noir. Bright, electric pink in the glass the nose was totally strawberries and raspberries. Light and racy on the tongue the wine just burst with those red fruit flavors and even a little banana and cardamon. Wonderful acidity, great bubbles, and a deliciously dry finish all combined for a wine that can't help but make one smile and giggle, and if one were a dog one's entire rear end would be wiggling with delight. This wine is simply fun to drink, like a refreshing strawberry soda. It was very good with a shrimp risotto with spring herbs mixed in, and it was just as good and as much fun after dinner.

11.5% alcohol and $13. This is not a vintage dated wine.

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