Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lemelson Dry Riesling 2008

Last night was my second experience with this wine, the first being about ten months ago and those notes are here.  This time around it was less Australian and more Alsace.  Good fruit, just off dry, nice mineral aspects, much less kerosene in the nose.  Very good wine.

Dinner was fresh monk-fish.   The fish was cut into serving portions and very lightly seasoned.  It went into a very hot cast iron skillet on the grill and was seared on both sides.  We added a lot of chopped garlic, fresh ginger, sliced green onions and some Thai red chilies that were crushed.  Once all of that stir fried for a minute we added a mixture of soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, some Shaoxing wine and a pinch of sugar. With some brown, Basmati rice it made for a great meal.

The wine was nearly perfect with the monk-fish.  There was just enough heat in the chilies to match up with the residual sweetness in the wine.  Though it is labeled as "dry" there is a touch of sweetness in this wine, not as much as in a German Riesling, but certainly more than in and Australian version.  The fruit profile in the wine - citrus, white peaches, lychee - was a good fit with the flavor profile of the fish and the rich sauce.

Good wine.  13% alcohol and $20.

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You have an informative blog. I’ve learned something from it. I do have mine too Thanks