Thursday, June 2, 2011

William Fevre Chablis Les Clos 2006

This year's lobster party also served a second purpose since it fell one day after I retired from what is hopefully my last job and career.  It pays to share good bottles with friends because they tend to return the favor and one of them brought out the 2006 Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos from Domaine William Fevre for the lobsters.

This wine was a little darker in the glass than the Vincent Mothe discussed below. The nose was much more open, amplified and distinct with white flowers, grapefruit, and some hints of an exotic fruit that I still can't identify.  The flavors in the first sip was the grapefruit along with lemon curd and wet rocks.  The longer one kept the wine in the mouth more flavors emerged; a tiny bit of butter, roasted nuts.  The mouth feel was not what I was expecting as there was a lusciousness to this wine that belied all the acid.  About the time thoughts off it being too rich started the acidity kicked in and just took over.  The richness faded and there was that bracing tartness and minerality on the finish.    

As good as the Vincent Mothe was with the lobster, this wine was obviously better.  I took my time with this wine, sipping slowly and eating lobster to the point where I mentally left the party for a few minutes.  Remarkable stuff and a rare treat.

13.5% alcohol and $100 plus.

There's one more very, very special bottle that I've saved for a number of years before heading back to much more pedestrian wine.  Notes on that wine in a few days.

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