Friday, November 4, 2011


Sometimes I walk through a wine department and something virtually jumps off the shelf into my cart.  That was the case the other day with a Roederer Estate Anderson Valley Brut sparkling wine.  I wasn't looking for sparkling wine, I really wasn't looking for anything in particular, but there was a sale for a couple of dollars off per bottle and it just hit me that it had been awhile since I opened a bottle of sparkling wine.

I picked up the bottle then went back to the seafood section and bought some very large shrimp and brought the wine and the seafood home.  The shrimp were simple - peel and de-vein and toss in a moderate pan with some shallots, garlic, dried hot peppers, some olive oil and butter, a little pimenton and a splash of fino sherry.

Nice nose on the wine with fruity notes and a bit of yeast.  Good dry taste with subdued fruit and baked goods.  There seemed to be just a touch of cardamon in this wine.  It was dry without being austere and I liked that very much.  Good match with the shrimp which were served over some basmati rice.  After cleaning everything up and settling into the recliner there was enough for one more glass to sip while the dogs chewed their post dinner rawhide.

With the holiday season coming up there should be some good prices on sparkling wine and I may have to redo the evening.

$23 and 12% alcohol.


Marginalia said...

I'm there with you.

Katie said...

sounds absolutely delicious. i could go for a glass of wine

--instead of an elephant