Saturday, November 26, 2011

White Burgundy and Fresh Truffles

Life is too short not to indulge oneself on occasion.  That was the case when I walked through the market the other day and found fresh, black truffles in the produce section.  The price was a not so subtle $240 a pound, though fortunately I wasn't in the market for a pound.  I did bring home a few small ones, enough for one meal for three.

I sliced the two largest truffles into paper thin slices and tucked them between the skin and flesh of two boneless chicken breasts.  They were pan seared on both sides and the shoved in the oven to finish cooking.  The remaining truffles were chopped medium fine and tossed into some melted butter and olive oil to warm through.  When the truffles were warmed we tossed in home made pasta, a touch of heavy cream and a large tablespoon of mascarpone.  We sliced the chicken breasts and laid the slices beside a serving of the pasta. 

The wine was a 2008 Domaine de Pouilly, Pouilly Fuisse from Andre & Vincent Besson.  The nose on the wine was surprisingly earthy with the aroma of dry, fresh earth and ripe fruit.  Wonderful acidity with the first sip.  The mineral and earth flavors were dominant, but there was a good base of ripe fruit to compliment them.  This was definitely a meal for the nose.  Between the earthy aromas of the warmed truffles and the earthiness of the wine it was almost enough to just smell what was on the plate and in the glass.  The two made beautiful music together.  Nice long finish to the wine, nothing out of balance. 

$34 and 12.5% alcohol. 

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