Sunday, April 15, 2012

Drinking Local

Along with buying local meat and produce we are finally blessed here in Ohio with a good number of more than drinkable local wines, those from Kinkead Ridge, La Vigna, Meranda-Nixon come immediately to mind. Thanks to a law which went into effect in late March those of us in Ohio will now have access to local spirits.  The legislature finally repealed another vestige  of prohibition in allowing craft distilleries. The new law also permits them to sell their products directly to the consumer and to allow for tasting on site before one buys. 

One local group came on line last year, Buckeye Vodka from Crystal Springs Distilling in Dayton.  Woodstone Creek in Cincinnati has been in business for several years making a range of distilled spirits.  I can certainly vouch for the quality of the Buckeye Vodka.

Another new operation has begun just north of Dayton with the Indian Creek Distillery which is making rye whisky using two, small 200+ years old copper pot stills.  There's a very interesting story with this distillery and you can check it out here

Flat Rock Distillers, just east of Dayton has 100 cases of bourbon currently aging, and there are others opening soon.  Buckeye Distillers (no relation to the vodka folks) is making fruit infused liqueurs.   These folks have their grand opening tomorrow and I happen to have no plans for the day......hmmmm.

Lots more on this from the Dayton Daily News here.

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