Sunday, April 1, 2012

Riesling Heaven

The 2007 vintage in the Mosel, as in most of Germany, was considered outstanding, due in large part to almost three extra weeks of hang time for the grapes from flowering to harvest.

The 2007 Alfred and Rolph Merkelbach, Urzinger Wurzgarten Kabinett is certainly not a wine that is going to disprove that assessment.  Pure, concentrated, crisp, deep, and delicious are a few words that come to mind.  Light nose of citrus blossoms and white fruit - apples, pears and white peaches.  Wonderful flavors of pear and apple and a mouth feel like silk.  Great acidity and balance, a hint of sweetness near the finish turned to crispness at the very end.  My mouth felt refreshed and ready for another sip.  Great feeling of off dry slate as well.

There was a slow roasted (six hours) pork shoulder that was sweet and porky and falling off the bone good.  Crisp skin and soft and moist interior. Great match with the wine, though I suspect that almost anything would have been good with this wine.

This is what Mosel Riesling should be all the time.  Pure joy and a perfect wine for a cool spring evening. 9% alcohol and $14 - an absolute steal at this price.

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