Sunday, February 10, 2013

Barbera D'Alba

I seem to be stuck on Italian reds lately and the next one in line was a Franco Serra Barbera D'Alba.

Dinner was a strip steak from the outdoor grill which was basted with a cognac and butter sauce while it was cooking and a side dish of mixed mushrooms done in a pan on the grill with the same sauce.  Rich food when one adds the butter and cognac.

The wine was a bright, brick red in the glass, as opposed to the purples I've been looking at with the Dolcettos that have been consumed lately.  There was a fresh and perky aroma of cherries and an immediate blast of acid on the first sip.  Good fruit flavors, sharp and tart, and minimal tannins all made this wine refreshing and easy to drink.  No thoughts of pretension here, just an honest, red wine to wash down a steak.  The length of finish was short, but tasty, but this wasn't intended to be a world beater.

This would make a good party wine as it would please both the folks who are very casual red wine drinkers and don't like drying tannin, and it certainly wouldn't chase away those who are more serious about what's in their glass.

2010 Franco Serra Barbera D'Alba.  13% alcohol and a sweet $10. 

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