Saturday, February 16, 2013

Marques de Legarda Rioja

About eight years ago I drank a lot of Spanish wines and then they seemed to do a "California." They got bigger, more extracted and higher in alcohol.  Lately the Spanish reds showing up in this area seemed to have reversed that trend.  The alcohol levels are lower and the wines are again something I like.

The latest is Marques de Legarda Rioja Reserva from the 2005 vintage which came in at 13% alcohol.  Dinner was a small tri-tip beef roast that was done roasted to rare with an almond and charred tomato sauce    The wine got half an hour in a decanter before dinner.

Earthy aromas in the glass, and a very earthy flavor profile and I knew this was a little different.  After a few minutes the fruit emerged.  Medium depth and flavors of red berries and a cherry or two played nicely against the earthiness of the background.  The tannins were out but they were soft and drying.  Good length of finish in this wine, though nothing spectacular.  Very good wine with the food and one that went down very easy.  This is another honest and delicious wine for a reasonable price.

2005 Marques de Legarda Rioja Reserva.  13% alcohol and $16.  A bargain.

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