Sunday, June 16, 2013

Langhe Nebbiolo 2004

I am truly a pack rat when it comes to recipes.  The computer holds way too many and there are files of recipes clipped from magazine, newspapers, etc.  Some are organized, but most are not.  Most I have never prepared - they just sounded good and they got clipped or copied.

Yesterday I decided it was time to go through one section of the computer files and actually cook some of the ones stored there.  First up was Ducketta, a play on the Italian Porchetta.   In this case a pocket was made in the flesh of a duck breast and a mixture of crushed fennel seed, rosemary, garlic, olive oil and parmigiano reggiano was stuffed in it.  It was seared on the skin side until the fat rendered, flipped over and tossed in the oven for five minutes.  While it was resting the cork came out of a bottle of 2004 Gianfranco Alessandria Langhe Nebbiolo and the contents went into a decanter. 

Earthy aromas and a smell of fresh cut flowers popped out with some swirling.  The wine was light in color and had just a touch of orange at the edges.  The body was mid-weight but the flavors were clear and sharp - dark red berries, clean earth and that sense of tar and roses for which this area is famous.  The tannins were strong but soft.   The wine was fully mature and turned out to be an ideal match with the duck - especially with the fennel seed in the stuffing. 

2004 Gianfranco Alessandria Langhe Nebbiolo.  14% alcohol and $16 a few years ago.

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