Friday, June 28, 2013

Sloppy but Good

The seafood market had a surprise two days ago - they had some fresh shrimp with the heads still attached.  99+% of the shrimp we see in this area is headless and ready to go, but these were different and it was only the second time I've seen them in this area.

The shrimp I've eaten in areas where this is common have been some of the best I've eaten, and an old southerner once told me that they are juicier if you grill them with their heads.  The photo shows the start of the process.

They were marinated in garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and red pepper flakes and then put on metal skewers and tossed on the grill grate.  They got two minutes on each side and then got a five minute rest period.

Definitely messy to eat with all the peeling and pulling, but well worth the time and effort.  An the old southerner was correct, they were incredibly juicy and had picked up just enough smoke flavor from the grill to act as a highlight to the sweetness of the tail flesh.  Good stuff.

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