Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kinkead Ridge 2010 Syrah

It's been a strange few days to end October and get into my least favorite month of the year, November.  We had torrential rains and strong winds for the last eight hours of October, and while November dawned with some sunshine it soon turned gray, damp  and very cool.  It was time for some winter food and winter wine.

I slowly braised a few pounds of meaty, beef short ribs with onions, tomatoes, herbs, celery, carrots, wine and beef stock.  This is always a good way to fight back against winter because it slowly warms the house and produces all sorts of comforting smells.   Some mashed potatoes with chopped scallions and a small bit of horseradish mixed in and a small salad completed the menu.

The wine was one which had been resting in the cellar for more than a year since its purchase, a 2010 Syrah from Kinkead Ridge.  I loved this wine when I purchased it and this was the first of four bottles that I opened to drink.

My intial reaction when I purchased it was:
The wine was a dark purple color and was a bit paler at the edges - almost an electric purple.  Wonderful fruity nose on this wine with bits of oak and a hint of smoke.  It has deep flavors of black and red plums and white pepper, very deep flavors.  The wood is noticeable but not overpowering and there is a good amount of tannin.  The acid is great in this wine and it gives the wine a sharpness and an edge that balances out the deep flavors.  The finish is long and smooth. 
The electric purple is gone, having darkened and matured.  The black plums are still there, as is the white pepper, but some dark cherries have joined the mix.  The oak flavors have mellowed and integrated and now seem more like vanilla and cinnamon highlights. The finish remains long and pleasant and the tannins are just enough to clear the palate for the next sip.

With the short ribs it was almost a match from heaven.  Together they were strong flavored but balanced and a perfect warming antidote for the cold, damp days and nights to come. 

2010 Kinkead Ridge Syrah, Ohio River Valley.  14.8% alcohol.  $21.  91 cases produced.

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