Friday, January 24, 2014


'The wine urges me on, the bewitching wine, which sets even a wise man to singing and to laughing gently and rouses him up to dance and brings forth words which were better unspoken.'     Homer, The Odyssey
For the last couple of years I have been mostly disappointed with my remaining few bottles of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from the 1997 vintage.  All the excitement and promise they showed as young wines faded to mostly over the hill a few years ago. 

I couldn't be happier to report that I definitely found an exception with the Von Strasser Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon that I pulled out of the cellar.  It has aged, but though it's age shows what it has aged into was sleek, balanced, mature and drop dead gorgeous wine.  In a blind tasting I would have pegged this as a classified Bordeaux.  Full flavors of currants, graphite and cassis were highlighted by gentle tannins and a still firm acidity.  At sixteen years of age it was a reminder of the style of wine that Napa can make if it chooses too.  There was no excess weight, no overwrought flavors, no in your face attitude.  This was a warm and gentle hug on a winter night.

There was a small piece of medium rare beef and some faro on the side, but the only thing I needed last night was this wine and big glass.

Von Strasser Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon.  13% alcohol and $60.

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