Sunday, October 5, 2014

1999 Torbreck RunRig

With three good choices from the post below the way to make the decision was easy.  I shuffled and moved the bottles like nuts in a shell game until they were in a straight line and my friend whose back was turned for the entire process then chose "whichever bottle is on the far left."   That turned out to be the 1999 Torbreck Barossa Valley Runrig.

The wine, pictured above in a glass, is mature but not showing any signs of fading.  It is a blend of 97% Shiraz and 3% Viognier.  Rich and hearty aromas of black fruit and oak were strong.  The first sip was ripe, fruity, solidly structured and perfectly balanced between earth and fruit.  With some swirling and waiting while the rack of lamb cooked on the grill the tannins softened just enough to add a level of elegance to the wine.  There were hints of clean, dry leather, dusty earth, rich dark fruits and a finish the was long and delicious. With the lamb the wine was even better and a total treat to drink. 

1999 Torbreck Barossa Valley RunRig.  14% alcohol and $200+

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