Friday, October 24, 2014

A Day Later

The remainder of the 2006 Produtorri del Barbaresco Barbaresco was vacuumed overnight and reopened with a duck breast accompanied by sauteed, fresh chanterelle mushrooms for dinner last night.  The flavors were still bold and rich, but the tannins were much more integrated.  While much softer they were still strong enough to support the wine.  This last quarter of a bottle was certainly the best.  Along with the rest of the meal it tasted like autumn.  Another wine that I would have been just as happy to sit there and sniff all evening.

The photo is from a walk yesterday morning in the deep woods.  The Virginia Spiderwort is a late summer bloomer in this area, but this particular one was deep in the woods and well protected.  A search of the area revealed only this last holdout against approaching frosts and cold weather. 

A beautiful day capped off by a beautiful wine.

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