Sunday, December 20, 2015


Louis Jadot

It's not every day that a glass of Corton Charlemagne presents itself for consumption, but that was the case a few days ago.  The vintage was 2009 so there was a wee bit of age to the wine. 

The aromas were much more on the mineral end of the spectrum than on the fruit end.  One would suspect from just smelling the wine that it was a little austere, but that wasn't the case.  Rich fruit flavors of ripe apple and a bit of pineapple were strong.  There was a good deal of citrus as well, but the earthiness still came through.  Tart and sharp, yet rich - a delicate balancing act that this wine pulled off well.  There was a super long finish that left a smile on my face.  There should be more of this in my life, but considering the price I'll take this glass and be happy.

2009 Louis Jadot Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru.  13% alcohol and $175.00.

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