Saturday, December 5, 2015


Ms. Birdie checking for rabbits
Weather conditions overnight were perfect for a beautiful morning display of hoarfrost.  A thick layer of fog settled over the Great Miami River and then temperatures dropped a few degrees below freezing.  Everything was evenly covered with a powdery, white blanket.  Blue, clear skies above, but the layer of fog muted everything. 

Along the Great Miami River
There was no wind at all but it was still cold.  The color palette of nature is fascinating.  These scenes are cold and northerly, but the colors are the white and turquoise of sunny beaches of much warmer areas. 

Still Water
It helped that this was not far from home and there was a steaming cup of coffee waiting when the dog and I finished our walk.  A very good day.

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Ian Johnston said...

Just beautiful Dan, winter has lots going for it!

Kind Regards