Thursday, December 10, 2015

Winter Drinking

Kopke Fine Tawny

One good thing about the Christmas season is that the local winesellers all seem to start offering special prices on port. That was the case with this bottle of Kopke Fine Tawny that I adopted a week or so ago at $7 off on a bottle.

Lots of dried fruits and nuts and spices in the nose.  This is a wine that is not overly sweet or strong.  It sips very easy, blooms in the middle of the palate and ends very smoothly with some length.  Rich fruit and and nutty flavors.  It's not a mind blowing wine, but for $17 it's a great bargain and delicious.  It was good with a bite or two of bittersweet chocolate, but it was superb with a very ripe pear that was halved and cored.  The pear was then filled with Gorgonzola cheese and tossed into a hot oven just until the pear warmed and the cheese melted.  A little bit of heaven on a cold night with a glass of port.

Kopke Fine Tawny Port.  17% alcohol and $17. 

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