Monday, August 24, 2009

Sardegna Sunday

No way does August in Ohio get better than yesterday - sunny skies and a high temperature of 69 degrees. That's just about perfect.

Dinner was simple but delicious. There was a special on top round steak at the market so we fixed an Italian variation of London Broil. The steak was smeared with balsamic vinegar and a mixture of finely ground pepper with a little salt added. It marinated for most of the day in the refrigerator. When it hit the grill both sides were seared for two minutes and then it was moved off the heat and the lid placed on the grill. The meat continued to cook for another six to eight minutes, rested for a few more minutes after coming off the grill, was thinly sliced and dressed with a touch of olive oil and some lemon juice.

The pasta was fresh fettucine and the sauce was butter and olive oil melted together. Some fresh basil and oregano was tossed in at the last minute and some Pecorino Romano cheese grated over the top. When it was plated a scattering of red pepper flakes was added.

The wine was a new one for me, a 2005 Sella and Mosca Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva. Cannonau is the Italian name for Grenache but this was unlike a southern Rhone or a Spanish Grenache that can be intensely fruit drive. In the glass the wine was more the color and depth of burgundy or a nebbiolo. There was dry fruit and red berries in the nose, along with earth and dry leather. The fruit component in the taste was the berries and perhaps a sweet cherry, but about half way through the leather and earth jumped out on the side of the tongue. There was good acid, moderate tannin and a little bit of sweet fruit that suddenly dried at the end. It was interesting and delicious and it delicious with the food.

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