Friday, September 11, 2009


A weekend dish of Spanish eggs to hold the site while I'm out of the country on a business trip for several days.

The dish is sauteed smoked sausage pieces in a small tart or gratin dish. The bottom is layered with briefly sauteed tomatoes. Dry sherry is tossed into the skillet and reduced and poured over the tomatoes. Two eggs go in next, along with a little smoked paprika, pepper and a few gratings of hard cheese. The whole thing goes in the oven just until the egg yolks begin to set. It's important to take the dish out of the oven before the eggs totally set. Let cool for a few minutes and enjoy with some crusty bread and a Spanish Cava or another glass of the sherry.

Hope there's some time to find a bottle of wine or two on this trip.

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